• my heroes are all the people who i think care about everything and trys to make it better, but some time life not fair so i sit down and wait for something better then u people who think there so ******** prefect u now what i want to see u try to change the world by being so ******** perfect u now just try to help anyone u meet u will get a thank u>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. p.s. do not be a d**k face or a*****e or s**t mouth ok good.................. man i just hate people who think their better then everyone, at least i try to change the world. what do u do smile and wave that does nothing to change the world all it does is change u, just try to help it can go a long was, so i thank all of u who try or did change the world wink thanks for the help
    oh and thanks for the ones oh risk everything making ur and their lives better thank then to plz