• I relize now that I am truely worthless.
    There is not point in living
    Were all going to die
    So why not sooner or later?
    I think these thoughts
    and yet it seems
    I'm to stubborn to belive them.
    I like to try and tell myself
    I must be worth something
    That there must be a point to living
    Even if in vain...
    Though I found it harder and harder
    To pull myself back up from the dark recesses
    Of my inner self
    My true self
    Who is scared to become
    Anything other then
    A heaping mass of darkness
    but hearing you say
    "I love you"
    Makes even her grin
    With thoughts like
    Maybe... I am worth something to him
    Maybe he isn't burdened by my presence
    Peice by peice the shatted blackness of my heart
    Showing the wounded red
    Slowly healed by the love your showing me
    Ever so slowly
    I find myself
    Smiling more
    Thinking less of these thoughts
    And even
    Begining to feel like
    My life has a meaning