• There once was a girl
    She had asked what
    What? You may say
    Well she was wondering
    What her life was for?
    What she was here for?
    What will she ever accomplish?
    Just what

    She was very quite and to herself
    She never told anyone about her question
    She never told anyone about her pain, her worries, her sorrow
    They only saw what she let them
    Her eyes were shields, her lips sealed
    Her words never betraying her true feelings
    Unless, yes unless she wanted them to
    Only then did they know

    Happiness was the only emotion that was seen
    Not sorrow not pain not even fear...only happiness
    Until one day there was this boy
    You may laugh but yes ther was a boy
    He was wonderful ane well...
    He could see straight through her
    Into her deapest depth
    No one had ever seen past her shielded eyes
    Not even her closest friends

    They became great friends
    She soon began to talk more and to laugh for real
    But well she wanted to be more than just friends
    She loved every part of him
    His speech, his eyes, his attitude

    But he never noticed
    He was always to busy with teh "pretty girls"
    Not the girl that love him so, just the "pretty girls"
    But one day one of the "pretty girls" was trapped
    The boy was too big to reach the "pretty girl"
    So the girl even though she HATED that "pretty girl"
    She...she saved her

    Then when no thanks were said
    She slowly walked away and, and that question came back
    To get past hatred and do the right thing
    What is my life for
    What was she here for?
    To save people
    What will I accomplish?
    Saving someone's life