• A torrent of rain
    Fragments of crystals
    Pull a veil across the sky
    Just for you and I

    We look through the relentless rain
    Drops cling to our faces
    They adorn my body
    Just for you and me

    Capture the diamonds in my hands
    I give it to you
    The rain now speaks faster and they make me cry
    Just because of you and I

    Now the rain has dwindled
    A fragile sheet of rain divides us
    She breaks the illusion
    Just because of her and I

    She pushes me away
    The rain catching my fall
    She flees and the rain, it still makes me cry
    Just because of you and I

    Now I stand alone
    The swarm of weakened raindrops
    Its cotton my veil
    Pull it across the sky

    These beads that cling to my eyes
    They are awfully and disgusting too real
    The rain, it carries me to a place of solace
    Where I lay
    Just for you and I

    They glass no longer adorn me
    I am now dry
    And yet, the rain is still here
    It whispers to me
    Just for you and I