• What I spoke is being unbelieved
    like it's a tall tale from imaginary
    planet of talking flowers and
    singing rainbows singing a
    tune of carving our brains out in our
    sleep. Your manipulative evil
    sinister plans is more horrifying
    than the daisy committing
    suicide decaying on us all
    while it looked droopy and
    gloomy. I heard your voice
    tonight saw your sinister
    eyes and it reminded me
    of you and your planning
    ways and maybe if I gazed
    within your eyes I would have
    seen your soul knew of your
    plans and know to get away,
    I could not help but notice so
    much kinda like the huge bright
    sun on this sunny day here in the
    backyard of pretty green odd lands.

    (please comment and tell me ways
    to improve. I will not get insulted if
    you tell me this poem sucks you are
    aloud to tell me that. Also tell me if
    you liked it or not.)