• Won't you take my free will,
    Please bury it deep within you,
    Those lips locked together,
    Lest I escape you and what we are,

    Take my soul and myself,
    You have my mind and body as,
    I'll give my everything to you,
    Lest I go insane and forget who I am,

    Won't you take my last will,
    So you hold me in shivering arms,
    The leave me in the darkness,
    Lest I grow dependent and strong,

    Take my heart again tonight,
    Cry for me once then sober up quickly,
    Hold head high so no one sees,
    Lest I grow to love you and you abandon,

    Take my song, my voice is gone,
    Let silence eat away and chisel at noise,
    Tomb rings with awkward silence,
    Lest I have hope of this one day salvation,

    Won't you take my blind eyes,
    Hate me with a vengeance for age,
    Curse for me to wither away,
    Lest I begin to see in the eternal sun,

    Take my legs so I won't stand,
    Damn me to this shadow in the end,
    Let no light shine upon the path,
    Lest I rise up and follow you out here,

    Take my hands as they cripple,
    I will not reach to salvation denied to,
    The Hand of God long severed,
    Lest I reach out to you and you cry,

    Take my voice, along with me,
    Have no words be uttered for lies and,
    The silence will swallow me whole,
    Lest I call out to you and you turn around

    Take what I am, Love,
    Have all that I am and will be,
    But when you are through playing,
    Let me fall down again from these heights,
    My broken legs will not support me so,
    I will lay down quietly to fade away,
    Your life will march onward to,
    The destination I denied,
    Because you cannot,
    Let me survive,

    Lest you love me.