• What is love ?
    Is it a number?
    Is it maturity?
    Is it age?
    And even though we have some of those wrong ,
    I still feel like were on the same page.

    Is it false is it true? That I have fallen in love with you?
    Is it good? is it bad ? That I never want to see you sad?
    Is it wrong? is it right ? For that I will have to fight

    Before I met you I was crazy,
    My life was out of order,
    I thought I was going to jump out of the border,
    I heard you’re voice calling my name,
    It was something I cant explain,
    Is this who I am? Is this what I was?
    Is my life still without a cause?
    My life is filled with questions but all I know is this,
    I will always miss that sweet sweet kiss

    Looking at the sunset I see you’re face,
    I get lost without leaving a trace,
    As I’m here waiting for you,
    Waiting here in that same place,
    I wish I could bend time and space,
    I love the dark I love the light,
    I wish I could be with you every day and every night