• Slowly starting down the road
    all her feelings
    everyone of them showed
    A tear on her cheek
    but a twinkle in her eye
    false hope
    and a life?
    a lie.
    She cried all day
    and prayed all night
    he'd be sick
    and out of her sight
    She prayed for help
    she begged for an end
    all she wanted
    was a real best friend
    A year later
    and still the same
    she was starting to think
    her life was lame
    She cried all day
    and prayed all night
    that the everyday
    he wouldn't fight
    that she wouldnt be hit
    or called a name
    that she wouldnt have to play this game
    one day he hit her
    and she cried all day
    then that night
    she really prayed
    prayed to be saved
    from a devil that was real
    to take her away
    and show the world just how she feels
    she prayed for an hour
    two or three
    then when she was tired
    layed down and expired
    she woke up one day
    maybe a year or so late
    and she was there
    at the gate
    but when she looked
    all she could see
    was an angel
    he was there for me
    he took away the cold dark rooms
    the hate and regret
    the hazardous tombs
    he took my hands
    and said to me
    'Let me show you
    how a friend is supposed to be'