• when the sun sinks into submission
    and the world falls into darkness
    creatures are stired by the sound of music
    the sound of the moon song
    let the goddess sing let it be heard
    for all manner of beast come marching into her light
    to dance to the soothing mellody
    of her lunar laullaby

    wolf shall howl
    bats shall fly
    the choir of creatures come to sing before her
    give her praise for another night of her grace
    singing along side her
    let our dark magic flow into the ears of those who sleep
    for we are raiseing above them
    shall we sing

    listen to her voice
    gather around children gather around
    listen know my lovely dont be afried
    I hold you in my light
    cast a smile with my rays
    so come children come
    listen to my lunar laullaby

    So the choir stop to listen
    and out comes a magical voice
    A voice held only to angels
    but compares to heavenly splendors
    ringing with an intoxication
    putting all those around her to sleep
    the creatures of the night submitting to my dearest goddess voice
    slowly they drift to sleep as if under a spell
    intoxicated with beautiful words comeing from a beautiful voice

    died asleep down in the valley they lay
    with smiles upon there faces
    and heart ever so healed
    she smiles and gazes to she her children sleep

    And then she spots me
    I come walking thought the crowd of sleeping beast
    I stop on to a hill and stare at her loveing grace
    with her light embraceing me
    rubbing my fur that black as oxyn but silky
    I nuzzle the rays with my muzzle
    and let my silver eyes gaze
    as i hear her speack:
    my love what brangs you to come
    to my lunar laullaby
    and I reply:
    my love its your angelic voice
    that luared me here.
    I come to dance with you
    hold you as you sleep as you have done for our children sournding us.

    her light shines brighter
    as a lovely woman comes drifting down her
    and I begin to change my self into a man
    we stand before each other
    and I hold out a hand and as she takes it
    we begin to dance
    To the sounds of her lunar laullaby
    we dance until dawn breaks
    and then we kiss long and passionately until
    the sun wishes us away un to another night