• Your world is turned upside down,
    And someone's yet to come around
    To help you back up on your feet
    Or recover from this broken defeat
    That keeps bleeding you in the wound,
    And you feel like you've been marooned
    On an island somewhere far away,
    Wouldn't that be nice?

    There are heroes everywhere.
    There are angels in the sky, I hear.
    So why has no one heard my cries?
    Are they too caught in lullabies
    About their own stories to tell?
    Does it make them feel so well
    To know they've got folks around
    That love them?

    What's it like to be in love?
    'Cos I've never felt that feeling of
    Rosy cheeks and a beating heart.
    I guess that's how they say it starts.
    Tell me or I'll never know
    What about makes it so
    Great and why do people tend
    To forget about me in the end?