• Breath,Breath

    I need more
    more reasons
    reasons to keep going
    keep going with this

    I'm so tired
    so tired of wandering around
    wandering around in the dark...
    the darkness of loneliness

    My deep,beloved,loneliness
    embrace me with your sorrow
    hold me before tomorrow
    cause i won't live another day in loneliness
    My deep, hated, loneliness

    No more
    No more boring life
    boring life that kills me
    kills me slowly and with pain

    I look around
    look around and see nothing
    nothing that's worth the fight
    the fight against the world

    My deep, beloved,loneliness
    embrace me with your freedom
    take me away to die
    stop this boredsome living
    My deep,hated,loneliness