• We’re walking down the street, hand in hand. I’m smiling and so are you. We decide to go across the street because we wanted to eat at the little restaurant there. We push the button to let us cross and wait.
    “When we get there, I have a little gift for you. Nothing special really…” You say to me.
    “Really? That’s so sweet!” I start to blush, trying to think what you got me. I did remember that it was our two-year anniversary and I remember the gift I got you. I decide not to say anything about it, just to make it a surprise.
    The sign across the street is flashing at us with white lights saying that it is okay to cross the street. You look both ways to make sure that we don’t get hit. You go first, our hands still together. In about two seconds, the most horrific sight passes in front of my eyes.
    A car did not slow down early enough to stop, and it was too far back for us to see. You pushed me out of the way and tried to get out of the car’s path, but you wasted too much time saving me. You took the full impact of the car. The car did not even stop. It kept on driving, not even looking back or trying to slam on breaks.
    I’m in udder shock, looking at the road, face pale as paper, my hands clutched over my mouth. Reality sets in and tears start to trickle down my face. I tear towards you, tripping and stumbling, to your limp body.
    I fall down to my knees, tears flooding my face and eyes, and look at your bloodied body.
    No, no this can’t happen. He can’t die. He can’t die! NO! I think in my head. The last word comes screaming out of my mouth. Neither car nor person moves towards or away from me. They all stay where they were, as if they were fixed manikins, their faces almost as pale as mine.
    I lean over, my ear to your chest, trying desperately to hear the faintest heartbeat possible. When I hear none, I cry even harder. I rest my head on your body, unaware of all the people watching me. I wrap my arms around your cold body and cry my heart out.
    “This wasn’t supposed to happen! No,” I start to shake uncontrollably. “No, this can’t happen. It’s not supposed to be happening…”
    I tighten my grip on you.
    “Please… live….please….live!”
    People look at me, faces filled with shock, most with sympathy. It looks as if they understand what I’m going through. They have no idea.
    My tears stain your shirt as I gasp for breath from my hard sobs. Although I cannot hear it, sirens are approaching. They are close, but I don’t care. I just want you to come back. I want you to live, to see the gift I got you, to enjoy a good celebration meal. But most of all I just want to feel you wrap your arms around me one more time…
    The police and ambulances arrive to the scene. The paramedics come to see what happened, but I won’t let them close. The police try to grab my arms and pull me off of you, but I won’t move.
    “No! No! Don’t you dare touch me or my love! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!”
    I try to kick them or hit them, anything to keep them away, but they grab my arms and pull me up to my wobbly feet. The paramedics start to see if you are alive or not. I try to get close to you, but the police officers won’t let me go. I flail and kick, trying to break their grip on me.
    I finally break free and use that chance and run towards you. I push the paramedics out of the way and reach for your face. I wrap my arms around your neck, screaming and crying. I yell at the people to stay away from me.
    While I have my arms around your neck and am screaming at the police, I feel something move under my arm. I stop and look at you; just in time to hear you make a quick gasp. I let go in udder shock and stare at your face.
    As tears stream down my face I look at you in udder shock and mutter out the words, “You-you’re…a-alive?”
    You reach into your pocket and pull out something that is slightly smashed yet wrapped in wrapping paper. Through gasping breaths you say to me, “Fo-for you…”
    I crouch there, completely surprised, my mouth gaped open. Slowly, with shaky arms, I reach forward and take the gift. I look down at it, then back at you. You force a smile, and look as sweet as ever, even though there is a small bit of blood trickling down out of your mouth.
    I slowly open the gift; my eyes widen and my mouth hangs ajar. It is the most beautiful gift I have ever received: a true diamond heart necklace with small engravings on it. I look at them and read what they say.
    “No matter if we’re close or far apart...“
    “You’ll always stay in my heart.” you mutter through smiling lips.
    I look up and smile, even though tears are flooding down my face; most from happiness but a few from sadness and shock. I fling my arms around you and cry into your shoulder. You wrap your arms around me and hold me and for that moment, the world is still and quiet, as if we are the only people on the whole planet.
    You lean over a bit and put your lips to my ear and whisper something into it: “I wanted to give that to you and see you one last time.”
    You move so you can view my face. You wipe the tears out of my eye and the hair out of my face. You smile, which causes me to smile too. You lean forward and kiss me on the lips. When you move away I’m smiling. You put your hand to my face and whisper one last thing: “I love you.”
    With that, you fall back to the ground; the breath has left your lungs, and your eyes and lips close. I grab your hand and scream, whishing for you to come back.
    “NO!!!!!!!! No you can’t leave me! No!!! Please come back!”
    I finally stop and let the police and paramedics come to pick me up out of the way and check your vital signs. I stumble along, tears still creeping down my face, but I then I remembered the necklace clutched in my right hand.
    When they sit me down on a bench, they give me a blanket to wrap up in. After they leave, I look at the necklace you gave me. A tear drops down my face, and I look up to the sky, as if I was able to see you up in Heaven. I smile, knowing that you will always love me.

    And I will always love you…