• i wait to see the day when you'll be next to me,
    holding me tight in your arms,
    your warmth of you body next to me,
    the smiles on our faces,
    your here and thats all that matters,
    if i could live on to see that day,
    thats when i will be happy,

    when im alone the days are darker and lonly,
    i see how life is flying by and im no where near it,
    things i imagined are nothing to me anymore,
    now the tears are rolling down my cheeks,
    theres nothing to stop it,
    but my imagination of you being there,

    when your gone im nothing in this world,
    im cold and empty inside,
    if i get to see your face it'll be the day i come alive,
    my face would brighten with joy,
    and that cold , empty feeling inside would turn into something better,
    the tears would clear and a smile would be brought to my face,
    but all i know is for sure is that you'll never be there,
    just only in my dreams,