• A force to be reckoned with, together
    we courageously rush into battle.
    Outnumbered ridiculously, we still stay
    strong and fight to the end.
    Trusting each other to cover to one's own
    back, we fight on.
    Sure we are dealt harsh blows every once
    and awhile, yet recovery is amongst us.
    We know fighting each other doesn't help
    kick the other guys a** yet we do it
    anyway. But that's what us
    For we care, but we don't care.
    We bicker, yet it's just friendly words of
    We kick each others a** just for the hell of it,
    and man is it hilarious.
    Yet out of anyone else, i would call only him
    But most of all, out of all the crap that we go
    through, together, we are Brothers in Arms.