• part one

    My mountain’s getting lonely,
    Give me this chance today.

    My river has stopped rushing,
    Give me this chance I pray.

    My rock is spitting molton lava,
    Take me for all I’ve got-ot.

    My volcano's slowly erupting,
    Rescue me before I’m forgot.
    chorus begin

    The is the story that I dread,
    Take me now or I am dead,
    Take me now for all I’ve got,
    Rescue me ‘fore I’m forgot.

    This delirium won’t end,
    For now my friend,
    All the lonliness inside,
    Makes me wanna hide.
    chorus end

    part two

    My land is making me shiver,
    Laughter surrounds my head

    All the, the violence is so vivid,
    Delirium commends

    part one


    My mountain's getting lonely,
    Give me this chance today...

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