• Indecisive Emotions

    I am helplessly waiting for silence to become existent,
    For it has been asleep too long.
    I would like it to awaken or for us to be distant,
    From that person which I am not sure is where they belong.
    We may be quiet, sitting in different places, us scattered across the house,
    But his angered shouts are booming about.
    As the God of Thunder continues to shout,
    He turns to us, criticizing us for our pouts.
    Eventually, he’s out of breath,
    And turns around and retreats into his bedroom,
    Where his beast-like self is usually kept.
    But I can’t hope for his death.
    Though my siblings can easily.
    He is our father.
    Yes, he’s our father.
    He has his nice moments of kindness and care.
    Then he blows up again for no reason, yet he’s unaware.
    My indecisive heart can’t decide which side to go to,
    Let him meet death or let him he be kept here.
    So it wanders in the middle,
    Me trying to decide while my family deteriorates within his booming voice.
    We wander there, just wandering,
    Waiting for something,
    Something that may never come,
    Unless my heart decides what must be done.