• I sit with just me and myself, feeling alone.
    He should of understood my excuse, instead of just ignoring me like I was an outsider.
    I just wish I could have one more chance with him, instead of living my days, alone and helpless.
    My life seems so insecure and boring.
    He is such a jerk, just saying it's over with that painful tone in his words.
    He gave up a wonderful girl, for that ugly, rude, blonde chic he always talks about.
    I am trying to hold back my tears, but this poem keeps me going.
    The tears are about to force through my closed eye lids as I type these crucial words.
    The smell of the freshly baked peanutbutter cookies my father just made won't even cheer me up.
    I just wish that one day he will turn away from his new victim, and turn to me instead.
    I loved him so fiercefully! He just gave up on us like that!!
    The tears just forced through, my head is laying on my hands, and I sob uncontrolabley as I write these intentional words that came from my broken heart.
    I am now Broken In Peices.
    Maybe one day, I will be in true love, with my next soulmate.