• Sweet spring showers bring a fragrant bouquet
    A soft wind blows and meadowlarks play
    The pine covered hillside wild creatures reside
    A season of growth as you reach for the sky.

    Through long summer days you sit parched and brown
    Your needles fall softly and cover the ground
    The struggle so mighty the rewards seem so few
    But from such despair a strong pine tree grew.

    Now the days they grow short there’s a chill in the air
    Changes are coming a fate we all share
    The birds now seek cover in your boughs lush and green
    Autumn winds are upon you it’s now time to dream.

    You wear a white mantle as snow covers the ground
    The song of the saw and soon you fall down
    Was the struggle in vain for a seedling to grow
    You’ll soon bask in splendor your purpose to know.

    To be lifted once more in a glorious light
    The spirit of Christmas you embody tonight
    Decked out in splendor your time has now come
    To herald the birth of God’s loving son.