• Heat radiates in waves
    From countless flames
    Causing the very air
    To scorch my skin
    As it caresses my face
    The smell of brimstone
    Mixed with the rotten scent
    Of burnt flesh
    Slips through my nose
    Sticking in my throat
    Forcing the rank taste
    To linger in my mouth

    Screams of pain
    Echo across
    The burning wasteland
    Reaching my ears
    Resonating inside my head
    Pulling me toward it
    The never ending pit
    Full of souls
    For their iniquitous sins

    Fear becomes rain
    Washing over me
    Joined by pity
    Becoming tears
    Filling my eyes
    As I stare
    Into the vast pit
    Of agony and despair

    I try to run
    Unknowing of where
    I’m going
    As I race in circles
    Lost and confused
    A thunderous laugh
    The cries of the condemned
    Causing the ground to shake
    And my body to vibrate
    As a monstrous figure
    Appears before me
    Towering over me
    His shadow consuming
    Me and the pit
    Now silent
    Muted by horror

    His monolithic body
    Crimson skinned
    As though bathed
    In the blood of millions
    Black as the deepest void
    In the darkest corners of space
    Protrude from his head
    A sinister yellow
    Pierce through me
    Looking past everything
    Every lie
    Every truth
    Every deed
    Every sin

    My mind frantic
    Unstable and shaken by terror
    A voice screaming
    Inside my head
    Commanding my legs
    Pleading them to run
    They stand frozen
    Unwilling to listen

    His judgment made
    He tosses me into the pit
    His laugh overpowering
    My banshee shrieks
    My hands reaching out
    Hoping someone
    Will grab them
    No hand reaches for mine
    No one even tries
    They only watch
    With pained
    Yet curious eyes
    As I fall into an eternity
    Of fire and flames