• A city that sits above the stars is a city that never sleeps

    While cities down below, not a soal as much as creeps

    A city in the stars looses track of night and day

    With city lights that shine so bright, the sun slowly fades away

    Away into the bright lights and rush of everyday life

    Where a man can get mugged at gun point or stabed and killed with a knife

    In other cities that see the sun and watch the stars above

    can rest their heads in the sanctuary of unconditional love

    a city in the stars is a fast pased and dangerious land

    where someone is afraid to share their thoughts or as much as hold one's hand

    In a crazy life where one works so hard with nothing but heart ache and pain

    one starts to wonder if one's work is all just in vain

    one wishes for a better life that the one one has today

    sometimes one would like to pack one's things up and run away

    Away from the city above the stars that dosent seem to care

    to a place with night and day and everything just seems fair

    one may wonder if beond the city there may be something more

    a calm relaxed place that no one has been to before

    a wonderful sanctuary of truth and care and love

    a place that you can just sit and watch the glorious stars above

    from where you sit in solitude each seems so bright and clear

    one wonders how a single city could ever sit so near

    near a place of cold inferno locked in firey hell

    but when glanced at from far away everything seemes so swell

    but a city that rests above the stars is a city that never sleeps

    and a city that sits above the stars is one that gently weaps