• The sea's pining is never-ending
    Finally the sea met the sky at the horizon
    If love lasted long enough
    It should meet bliss

    Promises are often like butterflies
    Beautifully hovering around, and then they disappear
    But I have faith in your vow
    Just like summer will definitely come

    I still carry the smile that you love
    Looking for the lost beauty
    Whenever tears carelessly trickle down the edge of my lips
    I wipe them away with the hand you've once held

    I never stopped no matter how beautiful the scenery was
    Whole-heartedly searching for the lost beauty
    No one can explain what it is that's so good about it
    But it is just irreplaceable

    From the first second, certain things have already been destined to last forever
    Destiny likes to pull tricks, but true love will meet in the end.

    crying crying crying