• If dawn approaches
    Thou find thy self with strength and gold
    Thou must keep thy head
    Let no air steal thy humble's place

    By afternoon heat
    And thy humble has not yet returned
    Thou shalt surely wilt
    Feel the power slip from thy grasp

    When white eye awakes
    Art thou finally humble with grace
    If thy nose in stars
    Thou shalt never see another day


    In the morning
    If you notice your popular and rich
    You should not brag and show-off
    Don't become an air-head instead of a humble person

    In the afternoon
    And your still not humble
    You'll eventually have consequences
    You'll lose a lot and never get it back

    When night comes
    Are you finally humble?
    If not, and you're still holding your head too high
    You'll never see the important things in life and you'll be stuck in that situation forever.