• Come with me, my dolly.
    Come and see, my dolly.
    Be free, my dolly.

    Dance around the gave dirt.
    Taking away all the hurt.
    Just a tainted little toy,
    for a twisted little boy.
    Dolly of the darkest sort.
    Dolly...Dolly De La Mort.

    Smoking rings,
    How it stings.
    Broken Glass,
    will it ever pass?
    Careful now, my dolly.
    You'll see how, my dolly.

    Dance around the headstones,
    Twirling with those restless bones,
    Just an evil tainted little toy.
    For a psychopathic little boy.
    Even when all the faces begin to distort.
    I'll still have my dolly...dolly de la mort.

    Trying to see who you once were.
    Noticing all that was once a blur.
    Such a pretty little doll.
    You and I together till we fall.

    Dance around the trees.
    Time I made you free.
    Such pretty little toy,
    for such a gruesome little boy.
    But i'll keep her in here...my dark fort.
    My dolly...dolly de la mort.