• I have to wipe away my own tears
    And hide the sleeve on which I wear my shattered heart.
    My heart was once big but fragile
    And you broke it, smashing it to an undesired part.
    I can't feel, I can't see,
    And everything's so pointless.
    I wish I could say that I had you
    But I'm a mess.
    You tell me one thing
    And show me another.
    Without you to guide me,
    Who can count me as their brother?
    I'm not okay, no matter the times I hear I will be,
    And I don't really care anymore.
    I want this all to end
    So you can pretend you cared before.
    The end is near and I'm frantically gathering the pieces
    But it falls back down, showering my empty soul.
    I can't focus and I'll have to hold myself
    As my heart lies in deserted coal.
    I won't have anyone else and you don't want me,
    Playing with me for amusement.
    My now solitary path has hit it's dead end
    And with no one else, it's one without a dent.
    Did you think I lied when I said I needed you
    And that I'm in love with you?
    I can't live like this and be in so much pain,
    So what else can I do?
    I died today as my empty shell lives on,
    Aimlessly doing whatever it needs.
    I'll never again love another person
    And plant those damned seeds.
    I can't stand dying again
    So here I will be.
    But that happiness, the love I felt,
    Will never again be anyone else's to see.