• I'm alone at school and even more at home,
    The days i spend alone are the days she speaks to me,
    he says its all ok and i shouldn't worry even though i do,
    I hide the fact that i hate myself for closeing the world out ,
    You may its because i'm selfish and you know maybe your right,
    he tells me its not my fault but deep down i know it is ,
    i woke up one morning and he lay there dieing i thought of what i could do,
    But she told me i should do naything that this is the way she wanted to go,
    I didn't belive him but i knew i couldn't do anything now and i didn't cry though i wanted to,
    I wouldn't let myself he told me to smile for once i did but i didn't do it from my heart,
    he told me a story a beautiful story i closed my eyes for just a second and opened them,
    My friend was gone my soul had disappeared i cried but i couldn't do it forever i wanted to,
    i tried getting over it but i didn't and so i still have his picture my best friend was gone forever,
    He knew this would happen and i'm glad he didn't tell me cause i wouldn't be able to live like that so i say thank you dad,i hope your watching everything i do cause when i do something good even on my brithdays i may have lots of friends but you were my first friend i had sleep well please don't forget me cause i haven't forgoten you ,i love you daddy i won't cry cause thats not me anymore i don't cry unless its for you and if you watch me cry i hope you hug mg and i know i can't feel it but i would love it.When i sleep i know your watching over me i love you daddy and always will even if i get married your still be my main man.LOVE YOU DADDY. heart