• A tragic story of tale and woe
    Of a woman who knew not in life where to go

    Confused in the world, her head burning with ache
    She knew that soon her life death would take

    So she swore she would wait, for all of her time
    Until she was moldy and covered with grime

    Until he came to take her away
    She would wait and wait and wait all day

    But then she finally discovered what she must do
    Which is a great honor, bestowed on few

    She must meet the man in black, with his scythe and his cloak
    Head on, before he came to take other folk

    She would wait no longer, of that she was certain
    Her play was now done, close her eyes and down curtain

    She fell from the heavens and broke on to the ground
    That's where her twisted, broken body lay found

    So she lay there broken til the end of her days
    Contemplating revenge and all of its ways

    For he did not not come, the man garbed in black
    Even though she went through the trouble of getting him back

    And all the kings horses and all the kings men
    Couldn't mend the poor girl together again