• Tears came to my eyes as the stories I read reminded me of you.
    Nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I hear you didn't want me.
    A knife is ripping my heart to pieces,
    laced with poison called memories.

    I recall when my heart throbbed, seeing you smile at me.
    The world made me a klutz so I could fall for you.
    A blade is cutting by wrists,
    stinging my arms with fire called misery.

    Nothing can compare to the anguish that consumed me.
    But my penence shone light on the reasons I found to love you.
    Blood falls from my wounds,
    dropping into a darkness called despair.

    When I dream, you're always there taking my hand away from twilight.
    Your own hand is warm and kind, leading me to salvation.
    Shreds of my life are being sewn together,
    threaded by what I call lies.

    The wind blows through my hair as it sent away the evidence of my weeping.
    Something is holding my wrists so my throat can't be slit.
    The beating of my emotionless heart keeps me alive,
    conserving me from a void called death.

    Music, companions, computers, math, tools to keeps me sane.
    They were things I did before finding heart for you.
    A book I read has heartbreak, hate,
    and something called desire.

    Not much has changed, but I feel better now with loved ones nearby.
    My arms still contain scars that symbolize the past.
    A new beginning has dawned
    leading me to it love.