• I look into the mirror,
    And I see that mask again.
    That girl with the painted smile so fake,
    It was amazing everyone bought it.
    Gently, ever so gently,
    I peeled off the girl that everyone thought they knew,
    And revealed the monster that no one dreamed could exsist.
    Its arms, my arms,
    Covered in slashes so cleverly hidden.
    Its face, mine as well,
    Covered in scarlet tears.
    This monster, my true form,
    Takes that knife, our only friend,
    The one that's there through everything,
    And draws it across our arm,
    Over and over again.
    My piercing screams echo into the night,
    And no one will hear.
    Face still stained,
    I put on that mask, the one with the painted face,
    The old, innocent me.
    And no one is the wiser.
    No one ever will know,
    Because no one can reach me.
    This I must bear alone,
    Most painful secret.