• On the streets of Hell your light shines true.
    Wails fall silent as you walk on through.
    The heavenly aura of your personified light
    Of glorious beauty and divine might.
    The most beautiful of the Almighty's gifts
    Whose awe inspires and spirit lifts.
    In our palm lies the heart of those
    Who love, admire, and with they you chose.
    You are the sunlight of graceful dawn,
    And the sweet dew of a holy lawn.
    You are the moonshine of the twilight glee
    And the rise of the tide of the sea.
    Eyes of the purest love sweetly stare
    At those who long and for you dare.
    Your heavenly glow shines truer than Morningstar
    Who once at the Father's hand now has fallen far.
    The elements rise and bow at your feet
    And lay under them as a sheet.
    As you walk through Heaven, the Holy One gives out his hand
    To his perfect gift with pure loves brands.