• I hate who I was way back when.
    When I fought the lonely war, all by my self.
    Now that I'm surrounded by everyone who hates me,
    I hate myself even more.
    What did you think when I came with my head up and walked right past you?
    Did you see the blackness or darkness in my eyes?
    My ship went down a long time ago.
    I'm quite aware that no one appreciates me.
    But then I fight the most violent war in my life.
    Losing all my friends.
    Bringing my enemies close to me.
    Just drive me home.

    I'm in the light, but feel dark.
    No one understands.
    No one cares to see if I'm alright.
    No one gives a s**t.
    No one walks away from an accident.
    I became what I hate.
    I became what I feared.

    Losing myself behind a mirror.
    reaching out to whoever left me.
    My buildings have been burned, and my veins are all rapped around my heart.
    Is this reversible?
    Will I be able to live with lies?
    But when I look into my own eyes I still see the ugly little rodent I used to be.
    I can't take these pills anymore.
    They grab my throat and hold me like a puppet.
    Cut my strings.
    I'm being fooled like I was a barbey doll.
    Stop dressing me up.
    Do you believe that I'm actually here?
    Do you believe I'm actually me?
    I can't let go.