• End of The Fairytale
    Cinderella used to be a piece of me
    But i did travel on my way to find charming
    That fairytale didn't last very long
    i soon did find Cinderalla is not that strong
    But thats all folks
    You did not come to see a show
    That's all folks
    You should really just go
    That's the end of my fairytale
    Is this getting closer to fatality
    I need to know if this is reality
    What if it's not
    Have i forgot?
    Sleeping beauty didn't mean to p***k her finger..
    It's the end of my fairytale
    But the end of life is not so happy after all
    But i want to keep it going so that i don't fall
    If there's anything i really should say
    It should be about happiness and keeping the tale to stay