• waht is this pain i feel
    is it real
    are these scars on my body there
    on my soul or do they evaporate into the air
    you see them not these wounds i hide
    the things that kep me here ties that bind
    can some one save me
    a person as deseisd as me
    why wont it stop the pain the flow of my tears
    why wont it go away these child like fears
    i spend my nights alone
    waiting to anser a call on the phone
    death call me talk to me take me away
    i was abandond before i was to say
    im sorry
    i know you dont care or worry
    why would you
    i loved and loved but you had no clue
    these scars on my body
    they were mended by somebody

    my hand
    they were mended by
    so i will stand
    i will move on and hold my head high
    im just a girl
    but im not yet a woman
    nor will i find a ribbon to twirl
    you werent a good man
    so god
    take away my woman hood
    and make me a man
    i want to be understood
    so fill fill me with your hands
    with strength and let me stand
    i will be strong
    i wont ask for help of no ones hand
    and i may bleed for time thats long
    but i will survive
    and i will walk becouse
    i saw the world out of a small girls eyes
    and i saw and felt her pain
    and i dont want to feel it no more