• I walk through the door,
    and see you there,
    I stare at your eyes,
    But then you glare,
    I look away,
    but still you stare,
    You see my looks,
    all scarred for life,
    and now I cry,
    And now I strive,
    To keep me up,
    From crying all through the night,
    My feelings show,
    the next time,
    that I see you,
    You think I'm ugly,
    And that is true,
    But I say to you,
    still lovingly,
    You hate me,
    but not for myself,
    the looks deceive,
    the naked eye,
    but you never looked,
    inside my soul,
    for what you see,
    Is really me,
    now you understand,
    now you can see,
    that what you have seen,
    was not me...