• Tears

    All my tears dried up
    and so has my love for you.
    A rose withering silently
    that’s not me anymore.
    My dreams have been reborn
    and you’re not included.
    I fell for you
    but I grew new wings
    for me to soar.
    A bright sunrise,
    a new beginning.
    No more stormy nights
    for me to despair.
    My eyes are wide open
    not blindfolded like before
    I’ve seen your deceptions.

    <The next one was inspired by Inuyasha and Kagome>

    You're so special,
    the way you look at me,
    the way you smile at me
    You make me feel like nothing is impossible
    As our lips brush and finally meet,
    you say my name so sweetly
    that it makes my heart soar
    I love you...