• Jack eloped with the Queen of Spades
    As the stars in the night-sky shone so bright,
    They waited for the last of Jack Frost to fade
    As they crept into the black Jack night.

    Hearts pounding like a Jackhammer's drill,
    The Queen and he could not bear to look back,
    For fear that the Spaded King and Jill
    Were on the trail of her and Jack.

    Jack and the Queen, back Jack in the box,
    While the gold giant arose and the fog became thick,
    Surrounded by keys with only one lock
    They had to be nimble and quick.

    Jack, no lantern, became lost in the fray.
    He, so they say, Captain Jack of all trades!
    But he, looking back on that fateful day,
    Would have traded them all to find the lost Queen of Spades.

    Eternally bound and forever apart,
    Still searching for his Queen of Hearts.