• How much time must pass?
    How much longer will you leave me to be scared?
    How much longer will you let me love you?

    You know I'm waiting.
    You know I'm terrified.
    You know how much I love you.

    We know we can't turn back time.
    We know we're scared.
    We know we'll never be together again.

    I know I'm scared to look forward.
    You know it hurts me to look back.
    We know that I'm stuck in that blissful time when we were together.

    But even if we're apart will you hold my hand?
    Hold my hand and carefully help me forward?
    Even though I'll only get hurt again, will you?

    It's quite sad how the years have gone by.
    It's quite sad how even though you ignore me, I still love you.
    It's quite sad how in the end you no longer consider my feelings.

    It's vexing to see how you just shrug me away.
    It's vexing to see you with someone else.
    It's vexing to see how ignorant you've become.

    But it's like they say, "Ignorance is Bliss..."