• Why do I keep holding on right when I'm about to let go?
    Why do I keep fighting for something that may never happen?
    It would be easier to just give up, but I can't find the strength to do it.
    Why can't I walk away and stop this pain in my heart?
    Why do I keep coming back even though I know it's just going to hurt me even more?
    How is it even possible to hurt more than I do now?
    If I win, I will get what I've been fighting for,
    And then, it will all be worth the hurt.
    But if I fail, I lose you.
    Not only do I lose you, I lose everything because you have become everything to me.
    Then, the pain and loneliness would crush me into a place where there is nothing but nothing.
    So now, I keep fighting,
    For the unpredictable future that lies ahead.........