• wondering by michelle
    {piano for verses}
    {1}things race my mind when i think of you.
    you know its true..i think of about..you!
    i hope to see you everyday, but sometimes
    i wonder if you'll ever feel the same?
    <chorus:>{acoustic guitar}
    im writing this song to clean me out!
    its like ive been turned inside out!
    i know it sounds strange but really,
    this is how i feel...
    {2}i wanna talk to you, but like my
    mouth's been taped shut...
    but when im set free.. i usually say
    something strange. and it always seems
    you come @ the wrong time.
    {3}i texted you last night but, you didnt respond.
    i was worried something was wrong..did i ask too much, or do you want me to stop?
    <instrumental>{electric guitar, beginning of skyway avenue}
    {soft piano}
    so i see you the next day, i guess
    my wish came true. but im still wondering,
    what about you? you...