• As I watch you walk away from me with him in your arms
    I notice now what happened and what was your choice,
    It wasn't me and him you just wanted to hear my voice,
    He offered money and sex, while i offered love, heartfelt embrace, and forever hatred towards others.
    I loved you, and knew you for 2 years. And you only knew him for 4 months. What the heck is wrong with you
    But now i know all you wanted.
    You wanted attention, now you got it. You're knocked up and Why??
    You wanted money and now you're suffering everyday
    Me, I felt horrible and i thought it was me. So i lost weight, got a new body, and a new girl.
    Now im skinny, have a new GF and got the job any 16 boy can ask for. Now whos suffering, now whos in the Craphole

    Sincerely, Black-raven-ninja

    ps now im complete