• Shined by the cloth of self indulgence
    The glistening surface reflects a favorable future

    Dulled by the rust of kindhearted selflessness
    The corroded surface reflects an unfavorable existence

    Holding one up to itself provides a look through the heart
    View the reflection of the reflection
    Observe through the spirit, not solely the mind

    A polished surface shined out of spite
    Favorable outcomes does not grant

    A dulled surface left out of love
    Follows the path to a brighter world

    Learning to see the usefulness of uselessness
    The kindness of cruelness
    Played together in discontented harmony

    Feelings of joy plastered behind a melancholy mask
    The gilded rust enclosure of empathy
    Donning a custom disguise from this world
    Intertwining between set goals
    Only now becomes realized

    Beyond all doubt, a helping hand
    Offered in closing the opened portal
    Left unattended by unfelt emotions
    Closes slowly the ancient door
    Set loosely upon decrepit hinges
    Bridging the gap of the mind and heart
    Until all at once everything falls into place
    The exact moment, one realizes the power

    Of gazing through a broken mirror