• Love can be hard love can be sad. Love can even make you mad.
    I lost someone once, She was all mine i cheated on her, I went over the line. She found someone else, My heart in two, I would have died for you.
    I fought for her she pushed me away "her friend" she says. She invited me to meet her guy.
    A fool i was to except her invite, It was like a bomb site.
    I said i cant stand it. I much leave. She ran after me.
    I said some word that made her mad, which was quite bad.
    She called me some names and ran away. i stood there, real cruel, like a fool.
    A hour past and i came back. I yelled" tinzing i must talk to you!"
    Someone yelled" shhhhhhhh! in afew.
    I looked around and realised it was a wedding of some kind.
    They finish, the bride attacked, a really big smack. "That will come out black"
    I said sorry as it was a worry.
    I said "I'll send you some flower" and told her "congrats"
    I yelled for my love. I fell over the mat. She ran at me.
    "you ruined the wedding, my friends hates me, what do you want you rat"
    I told her i loved her and i am really sorry, a fool i was, I love your poems.
    We talk all night which is good and bad. I threw a balloon, she laughed and said " i love to guys you and uriel, what do i do"
    "deos ureiel love you?"
    "hes not sure, he'll tell me tomorrow"
    "If he says yes you stay with him i will go you will be happy, me no"
    "What will you do if he says yes?"
    "go in depression"
    "you will always have me" She sat on my lap i hugged her tight.
    "I wish this night would never end"
    "One more question... It really weird"
    "Can I kiss you?" and before i could finish she said ok i kissed her, hooray!

    The next day i said "i love you". She cry and said I picked uriel not you, Boohoo.