• Smacked out - One last hit of the night.
    A cold and ruthless chemical buzz.
    My skins alive - Hands stained from their cries.
    I love the crime.

    The dead once more become wise as I was em' in lye.

    Slipping through the cracks and shadows.
    I can feel the absence growing hollow.
    I tell lies to calm hysteria.
    Collect the eyes and bleach their features.

    No more reasons.
    Not now - Not forever
    Deep inside hate the being in the mirror.

    Bleach and lye burn and blister.
    Tossing nightmares claw beneath you.
    Hold on against paranoia - Watch it beat you.

    Twist my words to fit the crime, hear me breathe deep.
    As the blisters mark my hands, as the flesh from your face falls white with death.
    I have one more table set for two.
    Save your story for someone who cares, your name will never be known.

    Ulterior motives lie.
    Tossing nightmares. - Bleach and Lye.