• Devour the life on which you call
    This is the path in which you fall
    Passing through the heartless call
    The fading life has passed us all

    I'm not the same without you
    I'm ready to back down, I'm madder then hell
    Burning hotter each day nothing can stop me now
    As i start go mad it's to late to start a new
    Even as the world spins never going back never
    Turning away from you, Your the friend I never
    Knew but you left me alone, Now I'm fighting
    For my life, As I try to calm down only pain
    Can help me now, you brought this to my life now
    My faith must die, As you see my heart devour
    You devour another heart that was once depressed
    And now compressed by your friendship
    This can not help us now
    This isn't how it supposed to end
    You were the one who was closest to me now
    Your Devouring the Life...