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    Bittersweet - Apocalyptica Feat. Ville Valo & Lauri Ylonen

    "I'm Giving Up
    The Ghost Of Love
    Enter Shadows Cast On Devotion"

    Here I am stuck again.
    Stuck between 2 men I can't chose which one.
    Both to love me equally.
    Both to care and follow my every order and need.

    "She Is The One That I Adore
    Queen Of My Silent Suffocation."

    Again I stayed out with him.
    And still I don't know who to chose.
    It hurts me to even try.
    Because I know it will hurt the other.
    No matter how hard I try to get out.
    I can't.

    "Break This Bittersweet Spell On Me
    Lost In The Arms Of Destiny"

    Tonight I stayed out with him.
    And the other saw.
    I'm in trouble and I still don't know what to do.
    I can't take this pain anymore.
    I can feel it.
    Soon I won't feel it anymore.


    I said my goodbyes to them both tonight.
    They don't know about my plans.
    Soon they will know I couldn't choose.
    As I write this note.
    As I take this knife.
    I say goodbye to life.

    "I Won't Give Up
    I'm Possesed By Her"

    A few days later my body is found by them.
    They find the note and call the police.
    They soon read about my choice and my suicide.

    "I'm Bareing Her Cross
    She's Turned Into My Curse"

    (The Note)
    I'm sorry to the both of you.
    When you find this I'm gone.
    I'm sorry.
    I Loved You Both Equally.
    And I couldn't choose.
    I Love You Both Very Much.
    As I take this knife to my wrists and throat..
    I have no regrets.
    I Love You Both Goodbye.

    "Break This Bittersweet Curse On Me
    Lost In The Arms Of Destiny"

    They both go to a Psychic to find out the truth.
    They showed her the letter.
    She Offered the Ouija (Wee-gee) Board.
    They contacted me and it was the wrong move.

    I Want You"

    One asked
    "Why did you do it?"
    The other asked
    "Why didn't you just tell us?"
    I gave my answers.
    "Because I didn't want to hurt anyone."

    "I Wanted You"

    They kept asking questions.
    I gave the same answers.

    "And I Need You"

    The fued between them went on and on.
    The Demons flying out all over the room.

    "I Needed You"

    The course of insanity took over a moment.
    They asked more questions.
    One last time I Said.
    "I Love You"

    Break This Bittersweet Spell On Me.
    Lost In The Arms Of Destiny"

    They Still Saw Me.
    Standing In The Field.
    I Stayed For A Few More Moments.
    To See The For One Last Time.
    Before I Went Back To The Shadows.
    To Continue Watching Over Them.

    "Break This Bittersweet Spell On Me
    Lost In The Arms Of Destiny"

    Their Eyes Went Black.
    The Demons Took Over.
    I Coundered Up Enough Energy To Kiss Them Both.
    They Felt My Lips One Last Time And Turned To Normal.
    I Went Back To The Shadows And Continued To Watch Over Them.
    I Was Their Bittersweet Curse.