• I see you every day at school,
    With your beautifull body,
    And your wonderful personality,
    I love looking in your eyes,
    Forgetting all my worries and fears,
    I lean into you, and you into me,
    But then my dream shatters,
    And suddenly I'm lost in reality,
    Knowing that you'll never care for me,
    My bodies contorted with emotion,
    I want to run up to you and embrace you with my loving arms,
    But I know I can't,
    For risk of being shunned,
    Then I see you with him,
    And I feel like I've been gunned,
    I'm losing my mind,
    Staying away from you,
    Now I know what my friend had to go through,
    Why he needs the drugs,
    But I can't give in,
    My soul is always fighting,
    My mind within,
    One day my head will explode,
    For never being able to hold,
    The one I love,
    Always and forever,
    Never together,
    My life won't get better