• If I was your girl
    On a snowy path I'd always hold your hand
    Like a genie your wish is my command
    And start listening to you more like a girlfriend should.

    I would never look at any other guys
    My intentions to you is as flawless as a pearl
    It may be hard for you to trust me
    My loyalty is to you and that I can guarantee.

    If I was your girl
    I'd count the twinkle in your eyes.
    So I could have all your attention
    Annoying you with much affection.

    I'd listen to you, no matter what you say
    I'd watch what my mouth is saying
    Especially when I'm unintentionally swearing
    But if I make a mistake, I'll kneel down apologizing.

    If I was your girl
    I'd laugh at your jokes even though it's so corny
    To make it convincing, I'll laugh hysterically
    I've always done that and it's too funny.

    I just really love looking at you
    I'll never get tired of you
    Remember when we said hey for the first time
    At that moment, I wanted to ask you to be with me.

    But I knew it was too fast
    My feelings got the best of me for it's like the sky, it's vast!
    Immensely growing rapidly within me
    Open my heart and you will see.

    If I was your girl
    Jealousy and insecurity isn't a problem
    Because there's no way you're that kind of guy
    You're different from all of them.

    You like to play guitar and write songs
    In those things, I have no chance
    But I love it when you play gutar "i dont want anyboy but you"
    Pointing at me melted my heart though it didn't mean something
    I can never stop my heart and my mind from imagining.

    If I was your girl
    Everytime we're together will have endless laughters
    Doing crazy things that we've never done before
    We'll create our very own adventures.

    Hours with you is like spending a day
    Freezing time, slowly ticking the seconds away
    Walking ahead of me so fast as we pass by the lingerie shop
    Jumping for a piggyback to you makes us laugh til we drop.

    Riding a shopping cart downhill
    The crazy things we will do that will make us feel like real ppl
    Being with you makes reality better than fantasy
    Fairy tales are nothing compared to a true story!

    If I was your girl I'll make you happy everyday
    I'd treat you in the right way
    For you're the guy that I've been looking for
    And you're the guy that I'll always be needing.

    You've seen the real me
    Playful, idiotic and some kind of romantic
    I am me because of you
    I have nothing to hide from you.

    If I was your girl
    I'd never make promises because it leads to disappointments
    Though I'm telling you now that I'll never change
    Even if the letters of my name gets rearrange