• I'll never be that dream I've always wished to be
    I'll never be that person I knew I could be
    All it is, is the greed of society
    To reach the top with anxious tenacity
    It's always for the money
    It's always to get that bread and honey
    Nowhere can I just be me
    Nowhere can I just be free
    To reach the one place that gives me my name
    Instead of going around this circular game
    I'll lose the happiness I could have had
    For that object that makes up the fad
    The beauty I saw with my own eyes
    May one day be lost and continually die
    I knew better than to depend
    On my ink and my pen
    On my dreams and illusions
    I know better than those delusions
    Yet I won't stop dreaming for that day
    When in that light I can finally say
    "I'm happy"
    I am happy to be where I am
    I'm happy with this choice
    But until that day comes I'll just have to hold my voice