• All alone on Saturday,
    No one here to watch you play.
    But music fills the air around you,
    And babe, you say you can't sing.

    But here's the song you sing,
    "All alone, all alone.
    Nowhere to go but home.
    It isn't so bad as you think..."

    Came across you on a Saturday,
    You urged me to come play.
    Drawing guitars from thin air,
    Let's play some melodies.

    You just picked up the tune like second nature,
    Singing along,
    "Met a girl one Saturday,
    All alone, not even a home."

    You must've seen the dismay on my face,
    'Cause you said,
    "Babe it's okay,
    Hun, it's okay, it's Saturday."

    So here we go on Saturday,
    Playing the thin melody 'till it's dark outside.
    And you sing,
    "Babe, it's okay, it's Saturday."

    And I'll play what I feel inside,
    Till the end of time.
    But I swear I don't have the time
    To figure out how to smile from inside.