• “when you look at me
    What do you see?
    A face, two eyes, rose lips smiling.
    But can you look beyond my lashes,
    And capture a sole
    Half turned to ashes?
    Can you see the beauty within
    The person hiding beneath my skin.
    Do you notice what my eyes conceal?
    What are lies, what is real?
    Do you understand the signals I send?
    Will you love me until our lives end?”

    You stare and squint,
    And tilt your head,
    Processing the words
    That I have said,
    Will anyone truly know what I mean
    Or is that something I can only dream
    But then you say what I’ll never forget
    Words so contorted they perfectly fit.

    “yes, I see your face,
    So creamy white
    With those eyes deep green,
    And oh so bright.
    But a second look
    And I find
    A mix of colors
    Warmly combined.
    Deeper down is your heart
    Sweetly soft, with a hint of tart.
    I can tell that it has suffered many a bruise
    And has lost something that kills you to loose.
    You try to hide beneath your shell
    That does not fit at all well,
    Then I see the mind inside
    So brilliant it makes me cry,
    I understand you
    Like the moon does the sea
    Pushing and pulling
    So delicately,
    I’ve never needed the signals
    To tell me how you feel
    I can easily find what is real,
    And I’ll always love you
    More than you’ll ever know,
    You’re like a winter midnight
    Of fresh fallen snow,
    You’ll always be part of me
    My love is not a heart,
    It’s an endless sea”

    With that,
    Tears streamed down my face
    His words held incredible grace
    As if they bled
    Straight from his heart
    This wasn’t the end,
    It was the start.