• love is funny isnt it?
    u love them
    then u hate them
    but then u love them, all the more

    u want to hold them
    kiss them
    and never let go

    but the best thing to do is just to let it flow
    everyone gets hurt
    but why did u have to go

    u left me for the better
    u thought i would b better
    but u left me in shatters

    im here tonight
    writing this for u
    hoping u would see this
    someday soon

    hoping u didnt leave this world
    for if u did
    my world would be at its toes
    hoping not to fall or trip
    but sooner or later it would run and slip.

    wishing u had lived to see ur birthday
    but too bad u didnt make it that day
    so now its ur death day
    "i love you" so i say

    i wished u didnt leave
    for i was happy to b able to believe
    so much i bet it was a dream

    waking up...scares me so
    knowing that ur not there
    makes me weep till im a red glow
    because u will never be there

    i hope u sleep well
    cuz one day i will tell
    a story of u and me
    so happy together forever to be.